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Navigate the complex agricultural business landscape with an expert.

Consultancy Capabilities

Consultancy through Makeham Livestock Marketing integrates the over 30 years of livestock experience with the latest industry research and trends to provide actionable plans to increase agricultural success. We integrate our market knowledge with our client’s goals and objectives for informed business strategies.

Market Positioning

Competitors, breeds, and location all factor into a business's position within the larger agriculture market. Within our market positioning analysis, we analyse your current business operations and your livestock product within the local and export markets. For insights into your market position, book a meeting with Makeham Livestock Marketing.

Livestock Handling

The monitoring of your stock’s weight and health is important for ideal sale outcomes. For the best results at sales, regular monitoring of:

  • fat score

  • condition

  • vaccinations

  • breeding quality

  • carcass quality

Livestock Branding

Competing locally and globally in the livestock market often requires careful consideration into the type of breed suitable for the immediate area and export markets. Those considerations extend further into the livestock management factors including in-utero growth management, weaning and feedlot timing, and diet management. We consult directly with our client’s goals and objectives, their current environment and feed conditions, and breed attractiveness per distribution channel.

Succession Plans

The transition of a business’ executives to new management can often result in lower productivity due to inefficiencies within the handover process. This can be overcome with a carefully planned and strategised transition plan between the major stakeholders, ensuring the success of the enterprise.

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