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Marketing Centres or Online Sales

At the saleyards or online marketplaces through to competitive and seasonal conditions, Makeham Livestock Marketing can handle any livestock transaction. Representing our clients in the South West Slopes & Riverina at some of the most active livestock marketing centres including access to Wagga Wagga, Cootamundra, and Barnawartha markets to produce successful sales outcomes.


Auctions Plus

Not only your onsite saleyard advocate, as a registered Tier 2 Auctions Plus Agent Makeham Livestock Marketing has successfully sold and secured tens of thousands of livestock for it’s clients. The digital marketplace has increased the size of the addressable market where as a consequence, having the right agent representing you and your brand is a key determinant to success.



We frequently engage with livestock processing centres for private marketing and over the hooks (OTH) sales. Our relationships with local abattoirs and major supermarket chains enable our clients to receive a premium for their high quality produce. Makeham Livestock Marketing can arrange for the grading of your livestock to ensure quality and pricing grid specifications are met.


Sheep & Cattle

No matter the brand of livestock from Merino to Poll Dorset, to Wagyu or Black Angus cattle, identifying quality livestock and their genetic attributes is key to efficient livestock raising. Makeham Livestock Marketing has extensive knowledge of popular South West Slopes & Riverina breeds to leverage favourable sales outcomes.

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