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Property Overview

Millbank farming enterprise consists of dry land grazing and cereal based cropping. Capable of sustaining a number of farming activities (see Appendix A for paddock history), Millbank is well suited to any enterprise, being of excellent soil from creek flats up to red loam and well watered by dams and town water.


Now Accepting Offers.


“Millbank” 165 Millbank Rd,

Old Junee, NSW, 2652

Title Area

Total Area 1008Ha

House Block - 406Ha

Middle Block - 332Ha

South Block - 270Ha

Local Government Area

Junee Shire


Junee Council - $12,773.97

Wagga Wagga LLS - $1,815.47

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Based in the Junee locality, approximately 40 km from Wagga Wagga, NSW, the property benefits from nearby highway access to major regional centres for fast and efficient transport.

Millbank is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to start their own agricultural business or expand on current operations. Millbank’s many acres, including pastures and livestock paddocks, has all of the facilities and equipment needed for large-scale farming.


Nearby Locations



Distance from Millbank

Agricultural supplies & services
Grain terminal
Engineering & fabrication services
District hospital
Machinery dealerships
Primary & secondary education
10 Kms
Agricultural supplies & services
District hospital
Machinery dealerships
Primary & secondary education
48 Kms
Wagga Wagga
Agricultural supplies & services
Domestic airport
Engineering & fabrication services
Grain terminal
Healthcare & regional hospital facilities
Livestock sale yards
Machinery dealerships
Primary, secondary & tertiary education
39.8 Kms
Agricultural supplies & services
Grain terminal
Healthcare & hospital facilities
Livestock sale yards
Primary & secondary education
59.4 Kms


In Junee, the summers are hot and mostly clear and the winters are cold and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 3°C to 31°C and is rarely below -1°C or above 37°C. Rain falls throughout the year in Junee. Over a 10 year period, February is the wettest month while April is often the driest.


Source: Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology, 2021, data collected from Old Junee (Millbank) weather station number
73025 for 2011 to 2021.

Millbank features a Bureau of Meteorology weather station directly on the property with 125 years of data available on their website. Head to searching for station number 73025 for more information.


Source: Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology, 2021, data collected from Temora Airport weather station number 73151
for 2005 to 2021..


Topography & Soil Reports


Millbank lies upon a gentle gradient at the corner of Millbank Lane & Old Sydney Road, for excellent farming conditions. At the highest elevation of approximately 300 metres above sea level, the property rolls eastwards towards Goldfields Way resting approximately 260 metres above sea level.

Houlaghans Creek provides the western paddocks with creek flats to a gentle increase in elevation to the eastern side of the property.

All blocks are 95% arable and over 24 paddocks, with 3 blocks on offer:
• House Block - 12 Paddocks
• Middle Block - 6 Paddocks
• South Block - 6 Paddocks

All 3 blocks are subject to further subdivision on completion of
contract. Overall, Millbank benefits from creek flats & red loam soil resulting in excellent farming and grazing conditions.


Livestock Water Access

Millbank features a number of dams for water sources on the property as seen in the maps below. 5 dams are scattered throughout the property with the seasonal Houlaghans Creek flowing through much of the western side property. To compliment the natural water supply, town water is connected and piped throughout the property to troughs.

If the property is sold in separate portions, the water access will remain with the house block only.

House block

Middle block

South block

Source: New South Wales Government, SIX Maps, NSW Spatial Services, 2021


House Block Improvements



Millbank House


The brick veneer house features a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom main residence, built-in wardrobes, formal lounge, open kitchen/dining area and laundry. Millbank also offers a wood heater and ducted evaporative air conditioner.


Outside the residence features a front and back verandah with a sizable backyard surrounded by well-established trees and comprehensive gardens. Towards the back of the homestead boundary is a garden/tool shed and additional parking.


Original Homestead

With a large veranda, the 1956 original homestead has 3 large bedrooms, a formal dining and formal sitting room, and bath/ shower with separate toilet. The kitchen has been renovated and updated with modern features and appliances. Ducted evaporative air conditioning throughout.

Millbank has had a long history in the Australian farming industry. Millbank has been carrying out farming operations for over 100 years, and offers great potential for its future landholders.


Middle Block Improvements


South Block Improvements


Current Production Enterprise


Millbank as a whole is an excellent mixed farm. It has been a 50/50 mix between cropping and merino ewes producing replacement and cross-bred lambs. Currently Millbank is carrying 1200 merino ewes and replacement, as well as running merino wethers and
cross-bred lambs out to export weights. There is outstanding established Lucerne pastures to aid in the livestock enterprise.

Millbank is well watered having Town water connected to the homes as well as being reticulated to 8 troughs. There are also 5 dams on the property as well as the seasonal Houlaghans Creek. The property is well fenced being mostly steel and some concrete posts. Millbank has strategic tree plantation across the property.


Millbank operations 2021:
• 95% Arable, red loam soil
• Wheat = 197 Ha
• Canola = 219 Ha
• Barley = 73 Ha
• Lucerne = 465 Ha
• Volunteer Oats = 32 Ha
• Steel sheep yards
• Access to town, dam, and seasonal creek water
• Varied and numerous storage and sheds
• 3 bedroom homestead
• 4 bedroom house

Millbank is a highly adaptable and accommodating property with appreciation to it’s great soil conditions, climate, usable land, structural infrastructure, and excellent access to water. See Appendix A for the past 5 years of paddock rotations and paddock names & locations.

Sale Process

Millbank and it’s 3 blocks are offered through Makeham Livestock Marketing via offers.

Please contact Des Makeham through the details below for more information.

Des Makeham


Phone: 0456 993 609



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